"" a nervous shrugs and an awkward hug won’t get me out of the hole I’ve dug. "."

Wisdom teeth.

I spent all of my younger years majority hanging around, a lot older than me. The only problem is they have all moved away to different towns, grown up and  had kids. So im really not as close as i was with them. 


I’ve always spoken out aloud to myself, A lot of people think its weird, and creepy. But i find it kind of relaxing. At certain times it kinda of becomes a coping mechanism. But i remember when i was a kid at primary school my teachers and some of the students mocked me for it quite a bit, and i remember one of the teachers going on about how it was an early sign of madness. My Primary School Sucked Ass! 

"f I could write you a song,
And make you fall in love,
I would already have you up under my arm.
I used up all my tricks,
I hope that you like this.
But you probably won’t,
You think you’re cooler than me."

 Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner